Extensive payment options that fit your habits and opportunities.


Pay in the way that is best for you

Make payments through the online bank, mobile app or an ATM.


Instant payments

Pay rapidly to more than 1900 European Union banks.


Free transfers

Become a C card holder and pay zero commission on EUR transfers within European Union.

Payment types

Instant payments are Euro transfers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year including bank holidays.

  • Transfer up to 15 000 EUR (legal persons up to 100 000 EUR) instantly to other Lithuanian banks or to more than 1900 European Union banks.
  • Make instant payments through the mobile app or online bank.
  • A successful instant payment reaches the recipient’s bank account in just 10 seconds.
  • If the recipient bank cannot accept the payment as an instant payment, or if it requires additional checks to process, the instant payment may be rejected and instead processed as a standard Euro payment within the European Union.

If you make regular payments of a fixed amount, for example, for electricity, leasing, internet, rent or television, you can entrust Citadele with paying them.

  • Set up a regular payment, and the bank will ensure the payment is made from your account to the recipient with set regularity.
  • Regular payments can be made both to Citadele accounts and other Lithuanian banks.
  • You can set up, change or cancel regular payments in the online bank for free.
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A convenient way to receive and pay service provider bills.

  • Manage and pay all invoices issued by service providers automatically or with a one-time payment in Citadele Online bank.
  • E-invoice payments can be activated, changed or terminated, free of charge in Citadele Online bank or at any branch of the bank.
  • E-invoices can be viewed and paid at any time of the day in the online bank.
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  • Set up the E-invoice Regular Payment Service (ERRA) and Citadele will pay your bills by transferring the money from your account. You can set the payment limit yourself.
  • Pay bills from more than 120 businesses at Citadele ATMs. See your e-invoices here.
  • If you are not a Citadele online banking user, you can set up ERRA at any of our branches or by calling 6701 0000.

What other transfer types are available?

Internal transfers

Transfers between your own Citadele accounts, as well as between different Citadele clients throughout the Baltics.

SEPA payments

Euro payments to banks within Lithuania, or to banks within the other 27 European Union member states with an IBAN recipient account number. SEPA payments are completed as standard payments. You can see submission and processing times here.

International payments

Euro or overseas currency payments to banks outside the European Union.

Non-cash currency exchange


If the amount of currency to be exchanged is greater than 7000 EUR (or equal to it), you can perform the exchange operation in a multi-currency account, where a more favorable exchange rate will be applied to you.

  • In the Online bank, you can perform currency exchange transactions in non-cash money, even if you do not have an account in the desired currency.
  • If the currency exchange operation is performed in a multi-currency account, a more favorable exchange rate will be automatically offered depending on the exchange amount.
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c cards
c cards

Commission-free transfers!

C card users (C smart, C supreme, C prime and X Infinite) don’t have to pay commission on payments within Citadele, instant payments, and standard Euro payments within the European Union, regardless of how many payments they make.

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A convenient and secure method of managing your finances, applying for various loans or signing agreements for your chosen products.
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C cards

Free money transfers within Europe and free cash withdrawals from ATMs worldwide. C REWARDS prizes and discounts.
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