Regular Payment of E-inovice

Entrust your bill payment to Citadele!

Why is it worth using E-invoice service?

  • Save time - you can manage and pay all invoices issued by service providers automatically or by one-time transfer in the Citadele online bank.
  • Save money - the e-invoice automatic payment service is free for X card holders for Private customers.
  • Safe - all e-invoices are provided in the online bank.
  • Reliable - by choosing automatic payment of e-invoice, the required amount will be automatically transferred to the service provider.
  • Convenient - you will be able to view and pay bills at any time of the day in the online bank.
  • You can find the list of service providers after connecting to the Online bank and starting to fill new agreement for regular payment of e-invoice.

How to start using E-invoice service?

You can obtain the service in Citadele Online bank, in a bank branch or at the service provider.