Online bank

A convenient and secure method of managing your finances

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  • Your finances in one placeMake payments and manage your cards
  • Find out what you can borrowCheck your credit rating and apply for loans
  • Authentication managementActivate MobileSCAN on your new device

Online bank: your personal finance platform

  • Make instant payments, use templates and enable automatic payments
  • Sort transactions according to certain criteria and download the results
  • Submit copies of actual ID documents
  • Sign a contract for a savings account and term deposit
  • Activate SMS banking
  • Contact bank via message or free form order

Convenient and secure shopping and authorisation

  • Pay from your account straight away when shopping online
  • If an online store allows it, log in with the online bank without creating a separate profile
  • Use MobileSCAN, Touch ID or Face ID to log in and confirm payments
  • Use Mobile ID, code cards or code calculators for additional authorisation opportunities

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SMS banking

Receive text messages for incoming and outgoing transactions, as well as for card payments

  • Choose when you want to receive messages
  • Add SMS banking for several clients to one phone number and and receive text messages about your family or business’ transactions if they have specified your number in their contract
  • We will cash the fee for all messages once per month