For those who see a greener world

Green products

Green mortgage loan

Benefits for you, and good for nature too

Finally being in YOUR OWN home is the biggest sense of pleasure and achievement. But it’s even better if you’re also looking after the environment by making eco-friendly decisions.

Until 30.06.2024 an offer for Green mortgage loan with a great value conditions is valid. Come in and take a look!

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Green Savings Account

Live green – save green

Money doesn't grow on trees, but it can grow in our Green Savings Account. Save and breathe easily as every cent of yours supports environmentally-friendly initiatives.

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Electric car leasing

Be a part of a positive change

Enjoy life and embark on adventures with an environmentally friendly car. Put on your sunglasses, turn up the music, and drive towards a more sustainable future!

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Sustainable products

Home energy efficiency loan

A warm home is even better than a warm blanket

Manage your home wisely – make it easier to endure the winter, reduce utility bills, and improve the overall energy efficiency of your living space.

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Investment funds

Responsible and sustainable investments? Yes, it’s possible, because the same thing which benefits the environment and society can also be a good thing for your wallet in the long term.

Suitable funds: CBL Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund and European Leaders Equity Fund.

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Service provided by Citadele Group business IPAS CBL Asset Management.

Green productsThe EU Taxonomy is a set of rules created by the European Union (EU) to help banks determine what products can be classified as Green. Citadele Banka bases their Green product definition on EU Taxonomy Substantial contribution criteria, meaning these products have a measurable effect in mitigating climate change. This ensures that products labelled as Green under the EU Taxonomy are truly making a difference in protecting the environment.

Sustainable products – Environmentally friendly products, which contribute positively to environmental efforts, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, lower carbon emissions, and help mitigate climate change, however they do may not necessarily meet all the strict EU Taxonomy criteria.