Effective since 02.04.2024

Service Credits for Private Consumptions Mortgage credit
Execution of credit and additional loan amount 1,5 % from credit amount (min. 50 EUR) 0,5 % from credit (additional) amount (min. 200 EUR)
Execution of amendments:
change of loan repayment date, repayment account, processing loan grace period, extension of loan issuance Bank’s approvals, permissions and consents related to the property encumbered in favour of the bank 25 EUR per each document 75 EUR per each document
other amendments 25 EUR per each document 200 EUR
Fee for letting to pledge a collateral for other creditor n/a 150 EUR
Changes thereof interest rate margin 1% from credit amount (min. 200 EUR)
Credit resources reservation n/a 0,4 % annual for unused but reserved credit sum
  • 1 Early credit repayment - free of charge.
  • 2 Interest for overdue credit and unpaid interest 0,05 % for each day of delay.