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Use of cookies and similar technologies on the AS "Citadele banka" homepage

Strictly necessary cookies

_citadele_session (removed when the homepage is closed). Maintains browser session data to ensure basic functionality of the site within one visit. The cookie is removed after the end of a browser session. default_locale (permanent). Maintains site language selected by the user.

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hide_browser_notice (permanent). Maintains the indication that the user has closed a warning on an old browser version.


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Optional cookies

To develop, optimise and improve the homepage, we obtain information on activities performed by site visitors, e.g. which sections of the homepage are visited, for how long they are viewed, how many application forms are filled in. Google Analytics does not obtain personal data from application forms or by other means.

The User-ID feature enables one to collect more accurate data by linking user sessions if several devices are used. This feature analyses marketing activities by linking homepage visit data with the purchased banking products.

Additionally we create audiences to engage with you through Google's Audience marketing integrations, like Remarketing Lists for Search Ads and Remarketing on the Google Display Network.

Google Analytics cookies, About User-ID feature

Enables you to contact Sky Branch ("Citadele" remote customer service) employees to provide assistance to you via web-chat.

SmartsUpp Privacy policy

To obtain statistical information on homepage visits and assess your behaviour when you receive advertisements, we use Adform. This cookie does not obtain personal data from application forms or by other means.

Cookie description and option to disable AdForm cookies.

This is an analytical tool, which is used on our homepage to evaluate the efficiency of advertisements and provide you with more accurate special offers on Facebook.

Cookie description.

We use Google Tag Manager to provide the cookies you have selected.

How to clear cookies on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.