CO2 Calculation

Citadele - emission calculation for leased vehicles

The greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) calculation boundaries are based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard 2015 (GHG Protocol). The calculation data used in the emissions calculations is partly provided by the reporting company. The data is based on actual activities or a best conservative estimate in the lack of actual data.

The emission factors used in the emissions calculation are as specific as possible. Where no specific emission factors are available, the generalized conservative factors are used. The emission factors are updated annually or as required. The emissions and assumptions

Leased vehicles - emissions from driven kms

  • All the relevant emissions are accounted for and expressed in CO2e.
  • The calculation takes the WTW (Well-to-Wheels) approach. This means that calculation includes emissions from the use of fuel (TTW Tank-to-wheel) and upstream emissions (WTT Well-to-tank) divided per driven km. Upstream emissions refer to the Well-to-tank emissions from extraction, refinement, and transportation of the raw fuel sources prior to combustion. Also, the estimated emissions of vehicle manufacture are included and divided per driven km.
  • The variables in the calculation are the type of vehicle used (gasoline / diesel / electric / plug-in hybrid), the WLTP-value (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure, gCO2e/km) and the estimated driven kilometers per leasing contract.
  • As it is recognized that the WLTP-value represents more of laboratory circumstances than regular driving, the WLTP test results are uplifted overall by 10 %.
  • If the variables are not available best conservative estimate are used
    • default WLTP-value: 152 gCO2e/km
    • default vehicle type: gasoline vehicle
    • default driven kilometers: 15 000 km per year
  • The type of electricity used in the calculation for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles is conservatively estimated to be made from fossil fuels. Emission factor for used electricity is an average from European residual mix.

 Compensation Fee

The compensation fee is based on the total carbon footprint and Compensate’s price for carbon dioxide (28€/tCO2e).

Calculator verification

The calculation logic, calculation formulas and used emission factors for vehicle emission calculation tool have been reviewed, verified, and approved by a third party, Gaia Consulting 17.3.2020. (Emission factors are updated annually).