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Services that benefits your business

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Payment plans for businesses 12 months for free

Become our client, choose one of our plans that suites your business needs and use it 12 months for free*. Get better value when you use our everyday banking services!

* The offer applies once you begin using the payment plan service for the first time. The offer is valid till 01.06.2024.

Use up to 3 POS terminals without without monthly rental fee for the first 12 months

Choose up to 3 POS terminals for your business and use them without a subscription fee for the first 12 months**.

  • Pay only for transaction – from 0.85% + 0.02 EUR
  • The offer is valid for both new and existing customers who have not had an active contract for this service in Citadele during the last 6 months.
  • The offer is valid till 01.06.2024, bank has a right to change offer conditions any time.

** The pricing after grace period will be calculated and provided individually.

50 % discount for factoring agreement preparation fee!


Want to grow your business faster? Citadele Bank can support your business growth! By using factoring facility, you will receive the money for the invoices they have issued right away.

  • Factoring limit from 100 000 EUR.
  • Financing up to 90 % of the invoice amount.

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Term deposit

A term deposit is a method of saving which is as exact as a clock: a set rate, set term, chosen currency, and clarity on how much you will receive at the end of the term. No surprises. Just as it should be. Become a customer remotely and save on purpose.

Term deposit/sum, EUR 3 months 6 months 9 months
< 500 000 EUR 3.80 % 3.82 % 3.60 %
≥ 500 000 EUR 3.90 % 3.92 % 3.65 %
3 months
< 500 000 EUR 3.80 %
≥ 500 000 EUR 3.90 %
6 months
< 500 000 EUR 3.82 %
≥ 500 000 EUR 3.92 %
9 months
< 500 000 EUR 3.60 %
≥ 500 000 EUR 3.65 %

The offer presented in the table is valid until 29.02.2024.

Become a business customer remotely


Time is money, so no one likes to spend time on things that can be done quickly. Fill out the application and the questionnaire remotely if you can represent your company alone.

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