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Industries not supported by the European Union

The European Union does not support or bans several industries.

  • The financing of illegal economic activity in any industry, including all manufacturing, retail or other activity which is illegal according to Republic of Latvia legislation or laws on the respective type of manufacturing, retail or activity.
  • Research, development or technical equipment financing, if the project is linked with human cloning for research or medical purposes or genetically modified organisms (GMO).
  • Research, development or technical equipment financing, if the project is linked with electronic data programmes or tools whose:
    • aim is to support operations included in the above restricted industries, online gambling and internet casinos, or pornography, or
    • purpose is to create the opportunity to illegally access electronic data networks or download electronic data.
  • Distilling, rectifying and blending of spirits.
  • Gambling and betting activities.
  • Growing of tobacco.
  • Manufacture of tobacco products.
  • Wholesale of tobacco products.
  • Retail sale of tobacco products in specialised stores.
  • Manufacture of weapons and ammunition.
  • Manufacture of explosives.
  • Manufacture of military fighting vehicles.
  • Industries with high CO2 emissions:
    • manufacture of basic chemicals, fertilisers and nitrogen compounds, plastics and synthetic rubber in primary forms;
    • manufacture of cement;
    • manufacture of basic iron and steel and of ferro-alloys;
    • manufacture of other products of first processing of steel;
    • aluminium production;
    • the manufacture of aircraft and related machinery running on standard fuel;
    • passenger air transport and freight air transport using standard fuel.