Effective since 24.04.2024

Service Fee
Electronically6 In branch or SkyBranch8
Payments to own account within Citadele group2 Free of charge 10 EUR
Payment to another customer's account within Citadele group 0,29 EUR 10 EUR
Standard EUR payments within the EU (SEPA, SEPA Instant payments) 0,40 EUR 10 EUR
Payments outside SEPA in any currency4 18 EUR Not offered
Urgent payments outside SEPA in any currency (SHA and OUR)4,5 35 EUR Not offered
Salary payment3 Free of charge Not offered
Incoming payment from account in Citadele Bank lincl.from “Citadele banka” Latvia and Estonia branches, SEPA payments Free of charge Not offered
Non-SEPA incoming transfers with commission type BEN and SHA 10 EUR or equivalent Not offered
Other payment services
Regular payment service or e-invoice regular payment service implementation/agreement amendment Free of charge 10 EUR
Investigation, amendment of the payment or processing of payment's cancellation’s request9 50 EUR + other banks commission
Payment through the PLAIS instruction to the beneficiary's account within the bank and to other banks 1 EUR
  • 1 In case of inactive Payment Plan, initiated electronically.
  • 2 Internetbank, MobileApp, regular payment, eInvoice regular payment processed as SEPA or SEPA Instant payment.
  • 3 Payments within Citadele Bank submitted in Internetbank through Salary payment register or through file import as salary payment.
  • 4 OUR - bank fees are paid by the payer, i.e. y. The fees set by the Lithuanian branch of AS Citadele banka and other banks are paid by the payer. In this case, the payee receives the full amount of the payment (when the payment is made in US dollars, other banks' fees may be deducted from the amount sent). The Lithuanian branch of AS Citadele banka reserves the right to deduct additional fees for OUR payment.
  • 5 Detailed information is available on webpage
  • 6 Payments initiated in the Internetbank, MobileApp, regular payments and e-invoice payments.
  • 7 The fee is taken in addition to the standard fee for incoming and outgoing payments and the fee is charged from the Customer account regardless of payment commission type. List of countries to which additional fee is applied is published in
  • 8 SEPA instant payment not available at Branch, Sky Branch. Information on the maximum amount limit of the payment initiated in Sky Branch is available on the Bank's website and in the customer service units.
  • 9 If the payment is not sent from the bank, the payment will be canceled free of charge.