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What are the most common problems when trying to connect to Citadele Online Bank with Mobile- ID? 

Session expiration –  This error occurs when the time period between initiating a query and entering a PIN is too long.

Incorrect PIN code - Don’t worry, it can happen to anyone! Pay attention and try again. Remember that if you enter PIN2 incorrectly three times in a row, you’ll need your Mobile-ID PUK code to unblock it.

The phone is not switched on - Make sure your phone is switched on and has a good signal. If everything seems fine, check to see if your phone services are limited due to unpaid bills, for example. If everything is still working, wait a few moments and try again: it’s possible that the error was caused by temporary signal problems.

You receive error incorrect username/password – If you receive this error message, please check if you have entered the correct Online Banking username. To be sure, check Where can I find my username for Online Banking? 

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