Card dispute processing due to non-receipt of good or services

We are aware that, as a result of the emergency, many of our customers need to address issues related to changes in travel plans, non-receipt of services and goods when paid for with a payment card.

In some of these cases, we can help to recover the funds paid with the payment card. However, for successful recovery process involvement of the customer is very important.

Therefore, we have compiled the most important information that should be considered when submitting a claim for a card transaction in case of services or goods are not received.

Please read it carefully and make sure that you have followed these instructions before submitting your complaint and that the application is accompanied by the necessary information. Otherwise the processing of the complaint may be delayed or even impossible.

  • Always try to resolve the issue first by contacting the company where you purchased the service (following the instructions provided at the time of purchase and on the company's website).
  • Wait for the time specified by the company and contact again if necessary.
  • Save correspondence (so that the recipients of the correspondence, dates are visible), completed requests, screenshots (attach them to the application when initiating a complaint).

If the issue has not been resolved with the company, fill in the Cardholder's dispute application, indicating detailed information about the product / service, the result of communication with the merchant, as well as:

  • in the case of airline tickets and hotel reservations - confirmation of ticket purchase or reservation, terms of service / cancellation agreed at the time of booking, request for a refund, correspondence with the merchant on the solution of the problem, cancellation document, if any; 
  • in case of other goods / services not received - purchase confirmation, delivery conditions, correspondence with the trader, if the goods were sent back to the trader - postal receipt or return document; 
  • Invoice for the purchase / service, if available.

Documentation required for the processing of the card dispute must be received by the bank no later than within 120 days from the date of payment or from the planned date of the service in question.

We recommend that you consider using the compensation offered by the merchant (for example, vouchers, flight or changes in reservation) in the following cases, when it is not possible to recover the amounts within chargeback process:

  • if the flight for which the air tickets were purchased takes place, but the customer has decided not to attend (except in cases when the air tickets have been canceled in accordance with the ticket seller's regulations, but the refund has not been received within the agreed time);
  • if the hotel reservation was non-refundable, the hotel did not announce the cancellation of the reservation (except in cases when the reservation could not be used - for example, there is an information that the hotel was closed in time of reservation);
  • in cases where the company has not been able to provide the service due to legal restrictions;
  • if the customer himself has refused the service before the trader has refused to provide the service