How does Euribor affect the loan payment?

  • Euribor (European Interbank Offered Rate) is the average interest rate for pan-European interbank lending, which changes daily. The home loan interest rate is linked to the personal margin and the Euribor and is therefore variable. Citadele offers Euribor fixing for 6 months. If Euribor has increased during this time, the loan payment will also increase.
  • Due to the changing interest rate and monthly loan payments, it is important to assess whether it is still possible to successfully pay the loan with a higher monthly payment. For example, for a loan amount of 100,000 euros taken for a 30-year period, a 1 % increase in interest will increase the monthly payments by about 50 euros. The bigger the loan amount, the greater the effect of the interest rate change on the monthly payment.
  • If you have already taken or are planning to take a home loan, you can calculate the effect of the interest rate change on your monthly payment in our loan calculator.


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