Why is accident insurance necessary?

Accident insurance can be especially important if you have a family or are concerned about health-related expenses. Some reasons why accident insurance is important:

  1. Financial protection. Accident insurance provides compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses and other financial losses related to an accident.
  2. Income protection. If a person becomes completely or partially unable to work as a result of an accident, insurance can provide income protection while you recover or adjust to your new living situation.
  3. Support for family members. If a person dies as a result of an accident, insurance can provide financial support to the family, helping with funeral and other expenses.
  4. Covering additional expenses. Accident insurance can also cover other expenses that arise as a result of an accident, such as the cost of transport to a hospital and the cost of treatment abroad.
  5. Feeling of peace. If you and your family have accident insurance, you can have peace of mind and protect yourself from the financial instability that can occur in the event of an accident.

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