Online bank

How do I gain access to the Online Bank to manage my accounts?

If you do not yet have access to the Online Bank, you will have to visit your nearest branch, bringing a form of ID (passport or ID card). A branch employee will draw up an Online Banking agreement, while you will choose your own username and decide which authorisation tool to use - MobileSCAN, code calculator or Mobile-ID.

If you cannot do this yourself, your authorised representative can come to the bank (with a notarised authorisation or an authorisation previously drawn up at the bank which states the right to open an Online Banking agreement in your name).

You don't have an account and access to the Online Bank. If you are willing to order new card in addition to apply for Online banking access, you can do it remotely. Download Citadele app in your phone, choose an option "Become a customer" and fill application, receive ordered card by post and access to Online bank. See instruction how to become a customer without visiting a bank.

If you've had an access to Online bank before, or have used Citadele app successfully before, please take a look in flow "Disruptions to access the Online banking".

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