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How do I renew my online bank password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can renew it remotely following these steps (currently possible only when using a code card, code calculator or Digipass): 

1. Visit Online Bank at and click on “Forgot password?”

2. Enter your username and mobile phone number. Make sure your phone number matches the one registered with the bank (the one in your client information). Note that if your phone number has changed and you’ve notified the bank within the past 7 days, remote password renewal won’t be possible. 

3. An SMS will be sent to your registered phone number with a one-time passcode. Once you receive the message, enter this code into the relevant field on screen.

4. Enter the SMS code again, and choose a new password, repeat it and click "Save". 


Remember! You can only change your password remotely using the Online Bank, not the mobile app.

If you do not receive an SMS, here are alternative methods to unblock your password and verify your contact details, including your phone number:

  1. call  +370 5 221 9091;
  2. visit our branch and bringing a form of identification (passport or ID card).

If you do not have or cannot use GO3 / calculator or if you have blocked your GO3 / calculator by entering an incorrect code, contact us by calling +370 5 221 90 91 .

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