How much do financial instrument transactions and financial instrument account servicing cost?

Financial instrument purchase and sale transactions are subject to brokerage commissions which are calculated based on the type of financial instrument and the size of the transaction, but please bear in mind that there is a minimum commission fee per transaction, and in some markets there may be an additional fee for transactions. 
You can see brokerage commissions on our Private customer price list under Trading

Meanwhile, the following commission fees apply for financial instrument account servicing: 

  • a monthly fee for holding financial instruments, taken in the customer’s chosen base portfolio currency;
  • a commission fee for the customer’s chosen transaction (receiving, transferring or deregistering securities), which is taken in the transaction currency; 
  • a fee for processing orders for corporate events or tax certification documents for certain financial instrument types. 

You can see the full list of service prices on the Private customer price list under Accounts administration

Commission fees are taken automatically from the money in the customer’s financial instrument account. Customers must ensure that they have a sufficient balance, otherwise there may be a commission fee for a negative balance.

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