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Payment card blocking

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If you lose your payment card, or if the card gets stuck in a cash machine, immediately block it in one of the following ways:

  • Call the Call Centre at 19091 or landline phone number +370 5 221 9091 when calling from abroad
  • Sign in to the Citadele internet bank and block a lost or stolen payment card. Select the menu item Payment cards -> Card blocking. Indicate the payment card number, reason of suspension and your remarks on suspension. Then click Suspend -> Create and Sign. Internet bank system will automatically process the approved operation and will block your payment card.
  • If you want to known how you can order a new payment card you have to come to any branch of Citadele Bank or call at 19091.

Secure Shopping on the Internet

  • Read purchasing Terms and Conditions when shopping online
  • Be sure that is using SSL coding system
  • Never provide information which is not related to your purchase

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Prevention of unsanctioned payment card transactions abroad

  • The bank's security system for payment card transactions helps prevent illegal transactions with the cards in foreign countries and online stores registered abroad.
  • Restrictions may vary from country to country, depending on the nature of the potential risk.
  • Read safety recommendations for safe use of payment cards abroad

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Contact us by dialing 19091, +370 5 221 9091 when calling from abroad or send us an email to