SMS bank

Citadele SMS bank is a service provided by Citadele Bank, which gives you an opportunity, when used by a mobile phone, to receive accurate and factual information about the balance in your accounts and the payments made. Information of Citadele SMS bank is available at any time of day no matter wherever you are, unless you are out of GSM radio coverage.

What can you do using Citadele SMS bank?

  • To get a quick view of your balance in the accounts.
  • To receive an extract from your account on a chosen day.
  • To find out the sums deducted from your account.
  • To find the sums debited in your account.
  • To receive information about the changes in balance in your accounts.
  • To receive information when the balance of the chosen account decreases to a certain margin.
  • To move money between your own accounts in Citadele Bank.

Who can become a user of Citadele SMS bank and how?

All the customers of Citadele Bank can become users of Citadele SMS bank: natural persons and legal entities who have a mobile phone with the function of receiving and sending short messages (SMS).

If you are a user of Citadele internet bank, you can order Citadele SMS bank on the internet. Otherwise you have to come to any Citadele branchand to conclude Citadele SMS bank service agreement.

What else do you have to know?

  • The inquiry for desired information must be sent by SMS message by phone +371 293 00300.
  • Citadele SMS bank is provided in the Lithuanian and English languages.
  • Information is sent exclusively to the mobile phone of a user and only after the user’s password has been entered.
  • All inquiries are sent and answers are presented in the Latin alphabet without Lithuanian letters.
  • Information can be of two kinds:
1. The form of answers – you send an inquiry to the bank, and the bank sends you an answer. 2. Automatic notifications – having chosen a certain service, you can receive information automatically during certain periods of time or after changes in your accounts have taken place.

What are the peculiarities of inquiries and answers?

  • All SMS messages are written on the same principle, they consist of three main constituent parts: the user’s password (XXXXX), the code of the function and additional parameters of the function.
  • It is recommended to write the inquiry in capital letters, the user’s password, the function and its parameters in the inquiry must be separated by the symbol of a gap.
  • Answers to the inquiry consist of the headline and the answer:
1. General information about the message itself is presented in the headline: the code of the chosen service, the date and time of sending the answer. 2. Elements of the answer: the current number of the account according to the agreement is specified. A three-figure code of the currency is written at the current number of the account and the answer to your inquiry.
  • The sums of the answer about the balance in the account are written in brackets, within the accuracy of two figures after the point. The point corresponds to the comma. E.g. 34 euros and 5 cents will be represented as follows: <34.05>.
  • In statements the minus means that the sum was written off the account, for example, 100 euros expenses will be represented as follows: -100.00. The sum without any sign in the statements shows that the account was debited with this amount.

Citadele SMS bank user manual