/ Financial Broker

Financial Broker

Do you intend to invest in the securities market? You need help and advice of professional specialists. Services provided by the Financial Broker's Unit are intended for everyone – private and business, local and foreign clients.

What services are provided by the Financial Broker Unit?

  • It intermediates in carrying out operations with all kinds of Government securities (VVP), property securities (shares) and debt securities (bonds).
  • Carries out transactions with derivative instruments, repo and reverse repo.
  • Provides service of keeping in custody the securities.
  • Represents interests of the issuer of securities in Lithuanian Securities Commission, Central Securities Depository of Lithuania and Vilnius Stock Exchange.
  • Provides the service of personal broker.

What is necessary to carry out the operations with the securities?

  • Securities account handling agreement is signed at any Citadele branch.
  • After an agreement has been signed a securities account will be opened:
  1. Securities account is a money account used for settling accounts for the operations with securities.
  2. Securities account is an account in which your securities are kept in custody.
  3. After the amount of money you intend to invest in securities has been deposited in securities account, you will be able to give orders to buy and sell the securities.

An order to buy/sell the securities can be done in the ways, listed in the securities account handling agreement:

  • in person;
  • via representative;
  • via registered letter;
  • via fax.