The new internet bank

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  • Simple, safe and beneficial
  • With an authorization device that fits your habits and needs
  • Available through Internet browser and Citadele mobile application
  • For transactions, identifying yourself in different Internet sites

How to login?

Your current login data remains the same. Important: when entering your User name check the Caps Lock position. From now on, the system treats small and large caps as different characters.

  • A good example of using User Name: PBXXXXXXX
  • Invalid examples for User Name: pbXXXXXXX, PbXXXXXXX, pbXXXXXXX


Using Online Banking - simple, safe and beneficial

All of your most needed daily banking services, available 24/7

  • Free of charge to connect and use
  • Lower commission fees than in a branch
  • Everything is faster than in branch
  • With safety as #1 priority

More about Online Banking and safety

Wide range of authorization devices

  • Multistage safety system - user’s login name, password and authorization code from the authorization device chosen by customer.
  • A typical code card and code calculator can be used, as well as the modern authorization device MobileSCAN built into the Citadele mobile application.
  • The authorization device must be chosen when first activating Online Banking, but can be changed later on.
  • Internet bank can be accessed through the computer at each branch. 
  • MobileSCAN can be chosen as an additional authorization device.

Connecting through Internet browser or Citadele mobile application

  • By using Online Banking in your Internet browser, you can check your financial assets, make transfers, apply for bank products and services, and contact bank specialists.
  • For users of Apple iOS and Android operating system mobile devices, we offer a mobile application where you can quickly check account balances and conveniently make payments by connecting to Online Banking. The MobileSCAN authorization device is built into the application and adds an extra layer of security.

More about Mobile application

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