Reception of MobileSCAN license and activation thereof in Online Banking

If you activate MobileSCAN for the first time

  1. Access Citadele Online Banking.
  2. Open Mobile services section in the left.
  3. Press the button “Add new device”.
  4. Press “Scan the code.
  5. Open Citadele mobile application on the mobile device where you would like to activate MobileSCAN. Go to MobileSCAN section and press Acitave“.
  6. Scan the coloured code displayed on the Online Banking screen with the selected mobile device.
  7. Devise a 5 – digit PIN code to be further used for connection to Online Banking and enter it into your mobile device.
  8. Confirm created PIN code by repeatedly reentering it.
  9. The digital code will be displayed on the screen of the mobile device – enter the digital code of the mobile device into the Online Banking field “MobileSCAN activation code”.
  10. Press the button “Proceed” in Online Banking and in mobile app.
  11. In Online Banking confirm MobileSCAN activation with code card or other authorization device and received SMS code. MobileSCAN activated!