Safe-deposit box

Keep your jewelry, documents, rare collection and other valuables safe.


Why is it worth making use of the lease service of individual strongboxes?

  • Safe modern and reliable depositories are installed in Citadele Bank, which allow us to ensure protection of your valuables left with us for 24 hours per day.
  • Ensured privacy a premise is equipped in the depository of the bank where you will be able to put your valuables into a strongbox without being disturbed by anyone. We also guarantee confidentiality of your person, as well as that of your valuables being kept there.
  • Convenient we offer strongboxes of various sizes. You can choose the term of lease of an individual strongbox from one day to one year.

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What is important to know?

It is prohibited to keep guns, ammunition, explosives and radioactive substances, substances emitting a strong odour or perishable substances, also substances or products, which can cause a threat to human health, the environment or property due to their physical properties in individual strong boxes.

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How to rent an individual strongbox?

  • Contact our branches in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda.
  • Present your passport or any other identification document.
  • An agreement on the lease of an individual strongbox will be concluded with you.

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Contact us by dialing 19091, +370 5 221 9091 when calling from abroad or send us an email to