Service Fee
Debt securities transactions 0.1% (min. 50 EUR)2
Stock transactions (incl. ETF, ETN, ETC, ADR, GDR):
At Baltic, European, Scandinavian exchanges 0.4% (min. 20 EUR)
At USA and Canadian stock exchanges 0.04 USD/CAD per share (min. 25 USD/CAD)
Transaction with options of the USA stock exchanges 2.50 USD for contract (min. 25 USD)
Transaction with shares of CBL Asset Management funds Free of charge3
Transaction with other fund shares 3 0.2% (min. 20 EUR)
  • 1 For debt securities fee is calculated of the nominal value, for other instruments out of tranasaction value.
  • 2 By executing an over-the-counter (OTC) securities transaction at more favorable price for the client rather price specified in the limit order, the bank compensates the client 50% of the mark-up , which is formed from the difference between the price specified in the limit order and the actual execution price.
  • 3 Transactions with shares of CBL Asset Management funds are free of charge for transaction amounts in excess of EUR 100. For smaller amounts, the same fees as for transactions with other fund shares are applied.