Mastercard Debit payment card

Fee for card and supplementary card 4 EUR per month           
New card issue (instead of existing) Free of charge
Fee for goods and services purchase 0.5 % (min. 0.15 EUR)
Cash withdrawal in Citadele Bank As from current account
Cash withdrawal in Cash withdrawal in the ATM network of
Citadele and Šiaulių bankas and AS Citadele Bank ATMs  in Latvia
1 % (min. 2 EUR)
Cash withdrawal in ATMs of other banks 3 %  (min. 5 EUR)
Cash withdrawal at Perlas terminals 1 %  (min. 2 EUR)
Cash in in ATM & Perlas terminals (Service is provided by "Perlas finance") Free of charge
Credit limit amount Not available
Minimum instalment 100 % of excess expenditure
Interest for unauthorised negative balance (per annum) 17 %
Late payment interest (increased credit interest, per day) 0.05 %
Payment from account attached to the card As from current account

Valid from the 1st of November, 2019.