Financial Instruments and currency exchange transactions (for private individuals)

For private individuals

Financial instruments accounts administration and trading

Financial instruments accounts administration

Service Fee
Financial instruments safekeeping fee (per month): 0,02 %, Free of charge for  CBL Opportunities Funds, (min. 1 EUR) 
Receipt  of non-Baltic / transfer (all markets)  of financial instruments 30 EUR
Internal transfer (between two Citadele bank financial instruments accounts,  (commission charged from transferor) 10 EUR
Receipt / transfer of financial instruments against payment (RVP/ DVP) 50 EUR
Purchase-redemption transaction settlements. Settlements of transactions with financial instruments excluding transactions in fund shares, financial instruments traded on the Baltic stock exchanges and stocks and ETFs traded on USA, Canadian stock exchanges* 10 EUR
Deregistration of financial instruments 50 EUR
Processing  of financial instruments corporate actions orders 35 EUR + actual expenses
Preparation or submission of tax certification documents  to local and foreign depositories 35 EUR + actual expenses
Commission fee for negative balance of customer’s money financial instruments funds accounts (percent per annum) 24 %

*Commission fee is applied when concluding transaction with Citadele bank using Citadele bank’s brokerage service. To all other transactions, concluded not using Citadele bank’s brokerage service, the commission fee for receipt and/or transfer against payment (RVP/DVP) of financial instruments is applied.



Service Fee
Debt securities transactions: 0,1 % (min. 50 EUR)*
Stock transactions (incl. ETF, ETN, ETC, ADR, GDR):  
At  Baltic, European, Scandinavian exchanges 0,4 % (min. 20 EUR)
At USA and Canadian stock exchanges  0,04 USD/CAD per share (min. 25 USD/CAD)
Transaction with options of the USA stock exchanges 2,50 USD for contract (min. 25 USD)
Transaction with fund shares 0,2 % (min. 20 EUR)

Valid from 1st of June, 2020.

For debt securities fee is calculated of the nominal value, for other instruments out of tranasaction value

* By executing an over-the-counter (OTC) securities transaction at more favorable price for the client rather price specified in the limit order, the bank compensates the client 50 % of the mark-up , which is formed from the difference between the price specified in the limit order and the actual execution price.