Additional services


Issuing of power of attorney (int. al. for transactions with safe-box 10 EUR (for legal entities – only for transactions with safe-box)
Servicing on the basis of the power of attorney for private persons:  
with power of attorney issued by Citadele Bank Free of charge
verification of power of attorney issued outside Citadele Bank 30 EUR

Valid from the 1st of November, 2019.



Additional services

Receiving of non-cash payment printout at Citadele Bank, per each payment printout 1 EUR
Preparation of SWIFT request copy upon customer’s request, issue of dispatched payment order SWIFT copy by SWIFT 10 EUR
Issue of dispatched payment order SWIFT copy by SWIFT 10 EUR
Usage of the courier post upon customer’s request for documents and other values sending As agreed (10 EUR+actual expenses)
Statement of transactions in account1,2   
Account statement preparation and issuing at Citadele Bank upon customer’s request EUR 1 per page (min. EUR 6)3,4 
Issuing of documents from archive 30 EUR per document
Preparation of standard reference5,6  50 EUR
Preparation of non-standard reference7,8 As agreed, min. 75 EUR
Additional fee for urgent reference preparation upon customer’s request (within 2 working hours of the Citadele Bank central office) 15 EUR
Additional fee for reference preparation in English or Russian49Error! Bookmark not defined8 15 EUR
Additional fee for processing payment made from / to countries with sanction risk of and/or countries where payment processing requires enhanced due diligence* 150 EUR

Valid from the 20th of June, 2022.


* The fee is taken in addition to the standard fee for incoming and outgoing payments and the fee is charged from the Customer account regardless of payment commission type. List of countries to which additional fee is applied is published in