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Preliminary term deposit calculator

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150 EUR

150 000 EUR


Sorry, we do not offer term deposit with standard terms for chosen currency and period

The calculation is initial and approximate. The exact sum depends on details of the deposit agreement.

By making a term deposit into Citadele Bank:

  • You can choose a deposit in EUR or USD
  • You can choose the manner of receiving interest
  • You can specify that upon your failure to arrive at the bank, the deposit agreement should be extended automatically for the same time period
  • When the agreement is extended automatically, the interest calculated could be capitalized, that is, added to the sum of the new deposit
  • Minimum deposit amount – 150 EUR, 200 USD

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How to withdraw the deposit prior to the expiry of the validity term of the agreement?

If you want to withdraw the deposit prior to its maturity term, you have to inform the bank thereof in writing at least 7 calendar days in advance before the day of withdrawing the deposit. In the event you withdraw the deposit prior to the expiry of the validity term of the agreement, the interest calculated shall be deducted from the sum of the deposit.

Information for depositors

Bank deposits are insured in the Latvian Deposit Guarantee Fund according to the law of the Republic of Latvia. You may find detailed information about deposit insurance conditions and cases, when deposits are not insured and restrictions of deposit insurance payments are applied, in Finance and Capital Market Commission website www.fktk.lv. Additional information for depositors

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