Secure Shopping on the Internet

What is Secure Shopping on the Internet and FAQ

The security of our clients’ finances is the key priority for us, and that is why Citadele Bank has joined 3D Secure system. 3D Secure system offers free additional security for purchases on the Internet. Citadele’s MasterCard, Maestro cards are linked to the system.

The 3D Secure system fulfils two essential functions. First of all, it makes impossible to use someone else’s payment card for unauthorised Internet purchases, because the buyer (cardholder) has to enter additional identification data. Second, it allows clients to recognise those merchants which have registered with the 3D Secure Internet shopping system, knowing that this shows that the merchants feel a greater sense of responsibility toward their clients.

Thousands of Internet shops all around the world have joined the 3D Secure system, and new ones are signing up every day. Shops which use the 3D Secure system and thus support secure payments on the Internet with MasterCard, Maestro can be recognised by the MasterCard SecureCode logo that is on their homepage.

Citadele MasterCard and Maestro owners with Internet banking services can use the 3D Secure system in purchasing goods and services. Upon payment, clients will be asked to enter not just a name, surname, card number, expiration date and CVC2 number, but also their Citadele Internet bank user name and authorisation code. This helps to avoid fraudulent transactions at Internet stores and also enhances the security and protection of payment cards to a very considerable degree.

Citadele Bank also is ahead of other banks in terms of providing its clients with an additional safety net. Citadele clients will not have to enter their Internet banking password when making purchases, thus protecting them even more against malicious people who wish to gain unauthorised access to their Internet banking system.

What is MasterCard© SecureCodeTM?

MasterCard SecureCode is a technology that provides your MasterCard, Maestro with an additional secure code that protects it from unauthorized use while purchasing at participating online merchants. For Citadele MasterCard, Maestro card owners such code is Citadele Online Banking login name and authorization code.

Will I need to get a new card to use MasterCard SecureCode?

No. You do not need to get a new card. You just need to be Citadele Online Banking user.

How can I become a user of Citadele Online Banking?

To apply for Citadele Online Banking, you have to visit the Bank's customer service centre during working hours, having your valid passport with you.

Do all online shops participate in MasterCard SecureCode programme?

No, but number of participating online merchants is constantly increasing.

How do I know whether a merchant participates in MasterCard SecureCode programme?

Most participating online merchants display MasterCard SecureCode logo on their websites. However, if there is no logo, an online merchants may still participate in the programme and during the purchase you will be prompted to provide your Citadele Online Banking login name.

How will MasterCard SecureCode change the online purchase process?

The online purchase process will not change except that now you will be prompted to provide your Citadele Online Banking login name and authorization code.

Will I be able to make purchases at merchants that accept MasterCard but are not participating online merchants?

Yes, you will not be prompted to provide your Citadele Online Banking login name during these purchases.

I forgot my authorization device at home. Can I make an online purchase with my Citadele MasterCard, Maestro card at participating online merchant without providing an authorization code?

No. You can make an online purchase with your Citadele MasterCard, Maestro card at participating online merchant only by inputting correct authorization code.

Does the bank charge an extra commission for purchase at MasterCard SecureCode participating merchant?

No. "Citadele banka" is interested in safety of online purchases made by its customers, therefore no extra commission is charged.

Is my access to Citadele Online Banking blocked after 5 sequential unsuccessful attempts to enter an authorization code while purchasing at participating online merchant?

Yes. Number of unsuccessful online purchase attempts is counted together with Citadele Online Banking unsuccessful login attempts.

Will an online merchant have access to information that I enter while purchasing online - Citadele Online Banking user name and authorization code?

No. Information for purchase confirmation is entered on a special secure Citadele Bank page.

How can I be sure that information is asked by "Citadele bank"?

Citadele logo on the page, Personal Greeting that precisely matches the name embossed on your card, as well as Thawte certificate issued to testifies that information is asked by Citadele Bank. Attention! You will NEVER be prompted by Citadele Bank to provide your Citadele Online Banking password to confirm an online purchase.

I am the user of Citadele MasterCard, Maestro card, but I am not the owner of card account. Why am I not prompted to enter Citadele Online Banking user name while purchasing at a participating online merchant?

At the moment only base Citadele MasterCard and Maestro cards issued to private persons participate in MasterCard SecureCode programme. Supplementary and corporate' cards will join the programme in the nearest future.

What should I do if I already use a payment card on the Internet, but do not use the Citadele Online Banking?

We would remind you that the Citadele Online Banking is essential for making secure purchases on the Internet. Please contact Citadele branch to arrange for Citadele Online Banking services for yourself.

Can users of supplementary or business cards verify online purchases via Citadele Online Banking?

If you are the user of a supplementary card or a business card and do not have an account at the bank, then the client who is the accountholder for the supplementary card or an authorised representative of the business which provided you with the business card can register you as a user of Citadele Online Banking with restricted access that will allow you to verify your internet card purchases.

If I am a user of a supplementary or business card, but also a customer of Citadele bank with an Online Banking user account, can I verify online card purchases via my existing Online banking user account?

The bank allows you to use your Citadele Online Banking user account to verify your card purchases on the Internet, provided that the user of the card and Online Banking are the same person.