Mastercard Virtual

Fees for cards issued until 1st of August 2016.


Card validity period 2 years
Main / supplementary card issuance / renewal fee 20 Eur*
Main / supplementary card annual fee starting from the 2nd card validity year 20 Eur*
Card replacement fee (if lost, damaged, PIN forgotten, etc.) 20 Eur
Fee for declaring card as invalid free of charge
Settlement of purchase of goods and services 1 %
Interest on overdrawn account balance 17 %
Cash withdrawal -
Cash in -
Other fees
Currency exchange mark-up fee 2,75 %
Balance inquiry in other banks ATM's 0,3 Eur
Receipt of settlement document copy within Lithuania 2 Eur
Receipt of settlement document copy upon settlement abroad 10 Eur
Card operations standard daily limits
Fee for change of standard daily limits 6 Eur
Amount limit of cash withdrawals -
Operations volume limit of cash withdrawal -
Amount limit of purchase transactions 3 000 Eur
Operations volume limit of purchase transactions 10

Valid from 1st of August, 2017.


* Valid only for renewed cards and newly issued cards from 1st of August 2016.
Note: bank has the right to ask cash deposit when opening account for the payment card.

The bank reserves the unilateral right to set and change limits of card transactions, with which customers must complied. In order to change limits customers must provide the bank with the bank’s application filled. Card transaction limits per day are set for 24 hours and are valid for one account related to the payment card. If payment card account is in USD, fees are set according to the official currency exchange rate set by the Bank of Lithuania.

The bank reserves the right to change payment card issuance and maintenance contract conditions as well as the fees for transactions and services and undertakes to announce such changes on the bank’s website