Citadele internet bank

Registration fee Free of charge
Registration of complicated configuration: configuration of multiple users authorisation or connection of user is set, if  the user (-s) who is (are) not a customer or if the user is customer’s authorized person (for legal entities) 20 EUR
Issuing of  Digipass 260  20 EUR
Issuing of  Digipass 780 / MobileSCAN 70 EUR
Issuing of Code card 5 EUR
Replacement of Code card upon customer’s request 5 EUR
Activation of MobileSCAN within one licence1,2,3 Free of charge
The first / the repeated activation of MobileSCAN within the already issued licence 1,2 Free of charge

Valid from the 1st of January, 2019.

1 Several mobile devices can be attached to the same MobileSCAN licence.

2 MobileSCAN can be registered at branches and customer service centres in Lithuania as well in Online Banking, if User is Customer in Online Banking Agreement.

3 Applying for the MobileSCAN licence receiving within Online Banking Agreement, when User is Customer, may be charged a deffered commission fee, which will be charged once, automatically, from Customer account in seventh month from the moment when MobileScan licence was issued.

Other operations by Citadele internet bank – under the existing fees of Citadele bank services.

Limits of authorization devices are available here.