Operations with Cash


Cash deposits
- to customer's own / to other customer's account in banknotes 0,1 %, min. 2 Eur*
- to customer's own / to other customer's account in euros coins 5 %, min. 3 Eur*
Cash disbursement
Cash disbursement from bank account 1,5 %, min. 3 Eur
Cash disbursement from fix-term deposits
- to the expiry of the validity term of the agreement (if term is ≥ 30 d.) free of charge
- if deposit agreement is terminated during 30 d. from the agreement signing moment (except when deposit agreement was extended at least once) 1,5 %, min. 2 Eur
Advance order for cash** free of charge
Cancellation of advanced order for cash or delayed collection of ordered cash 0,2 %, max. 300 Eur
Recalculation of coins in national currency when the amount exceeds 10 Eur 5 %, min. 3 Eur***
Recalculation of banknotes if there is no bank operation being executed 0,03 Eur per each banknote
Purchase, sales or exchange of foreign currency 1 Eur

Valid from 1st August, 2017.


* The fee is not charged if cash is deposited and then at the same time a payment order is made in any amount at the bank’s customer service unit.
** If disbursing amount of cash exceeds 15 000 Eur or equivalent sum in foreign currency, advance order for cash must be done before one workday until 1.00 p.m.
*** If coins are deposited to the account, only the cash deposit fee is charged.