Opening and Handling a Bank Account

Opening of personal bank current accounts 100 Eur
Opening of corporate bank current accounts account in EUR – 150 Eur
account in other currency – 450 Eur
Monthly charge for account administration*
For individuals 3 Eur
For corporate clients 10 Eur**
50 Eur***
Commission fee for more than 1 million EUR management of the current account balance**** 0,25 %
Additional advance commission fee for examination of documents for account opening for corporate clients***** 150 Eur
Statements of account balance
Generation of daily account statement free of charge – for individuals 1 Eur – for corporate clients
Generation of other period account statement 1 Eur per sheet, min. 5 Eur
Additional statement
Confirmation of payment executed by internet bank 1 Eur
Issue of dispatched payment order SWIFT copy by SWIFT 10 Eur
Issue of bank document copies 2 Eur per sheet
Issue of references, letters on behalf of the bank, confirmations and other documents associated with bank customer accounts and payments 30 Eur – about opened / closed accounts and their balances 50 Eur – other statements and reports 60 Eur – for auditors
Delivery of account reports or other documents
In Lithuania 4 Eur, by registered post – 6 Eur
Abroad 10 Eur
By courrier post 10 Eur plus courier post service fees
Statement delivered by e-mail free of charge
Maintenance of inactive customer’s account
Maintenance of inactive customer’s account if cooperation with customer is terminated according to the Bank’s initiative and customer hasn’t performed transfer/ withdrawal of funds from the account within the term specified in the notice****** 300 Eur

Valid from 1st July, 2018.


* Fee is not accepted for payments cards accounts. If there аre not enough funds in account, in this case all funds in current balance is debited.
** For corporate clients registered in EU member state.
*** For corporate clients non-residence in EU.
**** This commission fee applies to insurance or reinsurance companies and financial institutions (including their branches) controlled by the Bank of Lithuania or other financial institutions whose activities are related to the provision of financial. Valid from 24th of October, 2018.
***** In exceptional cases the bank may apply additional advance commission fee for examination of documents for account opening, if this would require significant additional labor costs.
****** Till account balance is zero. Valid from 1st of July, 2018.