Mobile application

Frequently asked questions

What mobile devices support Citadele mobile application?

Citadele bank mobile application can be used by the users of mobile devices with Android and Apple iOS operating systems.

Can the users whose mobile devices have Windows operating system use Citadele mobile application?

No, Citadele mobile application cannot be used on mobile devices with Windows operating system.

What is needed to download Citadele mobile application?

The user must have a mobile device with Android (starting from version 4.0) or Apple iOS (starting from version 8.0) operating system.

Where can I download Citadele mobile application?

Citadele mobile application may be downloaded from Google Play (Android) or Apple Store (iOS).

Do I have to download Citadele mobile application again if I replace my mobile device?

Yes, once the mobile device is replaced, Citadele mobile application has to be downloaded again.

Can I use Citadele mobile application on multiple mobile devices?

Citadele mobile application may be downloaded to multiple mobile devices.

Do I have to buy Citadele mobile application?

No. Citadele mobile application is free.

Do I need to connect to the internet in order to use Citadele mobile application?

In order to download the application and use its functions, the user has to connect to the internet.

What authentication tools can I use to log in to Citadele mobile application?

All authentication tools can be used to log in to your account via Citadele mobile application – mobile signature, code card or PIN generator. Only one type of authentication tool may be used during one session on the mobile application.

Can I have access to several account users and clients when using Citadele mobile application?

Yes. One user can switch clients (as in the online bank).

How to switch client accounts in the mobile application?

  • For the users of Android operating system, this function is activated by clicking the hamburger icon (three stripes) at the top left side of the screen. The user can select another client on the next screen.
  • For the users of iOS operating system, this function is activated by clicking the profile button at the top left side of the screen.

Can I make payments using Citadele mobile application?

Yes, Citadele mobile application allows making payments between your own accounts and to the accounts of others as well as to other banks. A completely new payment (in euro) may be created or templates prepared by you or the bank may be used.

How can I find the beneficiary?

The beneficiary can be found using the icons of most popular beneficiaries or by entering the first three characters of the beneficiary's name or IBAN account in the search box.

Are all bank payment templates available in Citadele mobile application?

Only the most popular bank payment templates and those created by the user in the online bank are currently available in the mobile application. They are easy to find using the search function.

Can I create a new payment template in the mobile application?


Can I see the account balance in Citadele mobile application?

Viewing the account balance is one of the most commonly used functions of bank's mobile application. To see your account balance you must log in to Citadele mobile application.

Do I need to log out of my account after I finish using the mobile application?

For security purposes it is recommended to always log out of your account after finishing work.

Are there payment limits in Citadele mobile application?

Payment limits depend on the authentication means used and are the same as for payments made in the online bank.

Can I see recent payments made in Citadele bank mobile application?

Yes. To view recent payments, open Accounts and select the necessary account.