Frequently asked questions

Internet bank

What should I do if I blocked Citadele internet bank?

If you enter an incorrect password 3 consecutive times, the system is blocked automatically. You can resume online services in the following way:

  • Contact us at phone 19091 and +370 5 266 4600 when calling from abroad.
  • Submit request and confirm it with electronic signature.
  • Come to any branch of Citadele bank.

Why is it good to use the Citadele internet bank?

  1. It is simple to use – simple operations enable one to easily and quickly acquire skills necessary for work with Citadele internet bank.
  2. It does not take long – you do not have to come to the bank, you can manage your accounts from wherever you are, comfortably sitting in front of your computer.
  3. It is cheap – costs of operations for Citadele internet bank users are much lower than those at the customer service units of the bank.
  4. It is convenient – one can manage his/her accounts at any time of day and in any part of the world because Citadele internet bank operates 24 hours a day without days off.
  5. It is safe – the system of several levels and confirmations, transfer coded by SSL protocol will enable you to safely use Citadele internet bank.

Who can become a user of Citadele internet bank and how?

  • Any private person or a legal entity that has opened an account with Citadele Bank can become a user of Citadele internet bank.
  • If you want to become a user of Citadele internet bank you have to come to any branch of Citadele Bank and to conclude Citadele internet bank service agreement.
  • After you have signed the agreement you will be issued the following:
  1. An identification code of the user, that is the number which you use to register in the system of Citadele internet bank;
  2. Registration password, which will be known only to you and which you will be able to change at your disposition;
  3. Card of codes or codes generator – each time when registering, the system asks you to enter another code designated by the number from your card of codes or from the codes generator.
  • The computer from which you are going to use Citadele internet bank must have Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (or its later version) browser with 128-byte ciphering installed and Internet connection.

In what do levels of Citadele internet bank user differ?

  • Standard – when the user confirms operations by entering a certain code from the card of codes. In choosing the Standard Citadele internet bank level the limit of the operations within a single day is 1 500 Eur. If you want to change the limit of the operations, you have come to any branch of Citadele Bank and submit a written request.
  • Code generator – when the user confirms the operations performed by means of the passwords created by the  codes generator. No limitations are applied to the code generator (A), to the code generator (B) the limit of the operations within a single day is 60 000 Eur.

How is protection of the user’s data ensured?

The data that you and Citadele internet bank convey are safe. This is ensured by advanced and recognized SSL technology. The 128-byte SSL protocol is used to protect the channel. SSL is technology that has become the standard of the market, which guarantees safe conveyance of data on the Internet.

The users are identified in three stages: by the user’s identification code, the registration password and the code from the card of codes or by the codes generator.