Bank Account for Corporate Customers

Open and easily handle your company's bank account

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How to open a business account?

  • You can open an account in main customer service unit or to get consultation at representative of Citadele Group
  • A bank account shall be opened after a client and the bank conclude an agreement of the established form
  • After an account has been opened a personal manager is assigned to every client

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Documents needed to open a business account

  • Registration Certificate of the Company legalized in the established procedure or other document confirming the registration
  • The Statute (and its amendments, if applicable), legalized in established procedure
  • The document confirming the people assignment to use the account (minutes of the meeting, trust document or other applicable documents)
  • Passport(s) of the person(s) who has(ve) the right to use the account

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Documents filled in the bank

  • Client’s questionnaire
  • Statement about actual owners
  • Agreement for account opening and management
  • If you want to manage your account on-line: Citadele internet bank service agreement
  • Authorized signatures and seals samples
  • If you cannot submit the originals of the documents to the bank, you can submit their copies, which must be certified in one of the following ways: (1) International certification in the Apostil form; (2) Notary certification by the government unit (embassy or similar) of Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Poland; (3) Certification of the bank representative.

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Information for depositors

Bank deposits are insured in the Latvian Deposit Guarantee Fund according to the law of the Republic of Latvia. You may find detailed information about deposit insurance conditions and cases, when deposits are not insured and restrictions of deposit insurance payments are applied, in Finance and Capital Market Commission website Additional information for depositors

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