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About bank

AB “Citadele” bankas is a part of full-service financial group for both private individuals and companies offering complete portfolio of banking, financial and private capital management services in Lithuania. The sole shareholder of AB “Citadele” bankas is AS “Citadele banka” in Latvia.

On 26 August 2010, AB “Parex” bankas changed its name to AB “Citadele” bankas under the procedure set by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. The name of the bank was change along with altering the name of its sole shareholder, the bank in Latvia. AB “Citadele” bankas has took over all the rights and obligations of AB “Parex” bankas in line with all provisions of the law.

The Lithuanian market remains the business priority of AB “Citadele” bankas. The bank continues developing programmes for target customer groups started in 2006: crediting for SME, the Agro programme for farmers and agricultural companies, the “Senjorų” programme for pensioners and Private Banking services. The bank’s daughter company/subsidiary UAB “Citadele faktoringas ir lizingas” primarily focuses on leasing services for corporate clients and also provides car leasing services for individual clients.

“Citadele” bank group in Lithuania is represented by AB “Citadele” bankas and its subsidiary UAB “Citadele faktoringas ir lizingas“. Branch network of AB “Citadele” bankas in Lithuania consists of 8 client service units in the biggest towns of the country and Private banking division.

The group of AS “Citadele banka” has operations in 8 countries: Latvia, Lithuania (AB “Citadele” bankas), Estonia, Switzerland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

In all the countries where it plans business AS “Citadele banka” group pursues a common product creation and development and customer service strategy and offers its clients top-quality services. It should be noted that “Citadele” bank also continues co-operation with American Express and remains the American Express exclusive partner in Latvia and Lithuania with the right to issue and service American Express credit cards.